Tutorial: Suzumebacchi, Soi Fong


Hello everyone~ There have been a lot of people asking me how I made the Suzumebacchi of Soi Fong, since it ended looking better than I thought at first XD Also, it was more pleasant than what I believed it would be (even if it made my hand numb all the day XD).

That’s why I made a little tutorial/ explication of how I constructed it:


Coke bottle, if it’s possible of 50 cl. (a girl made a Suzumebachi like this and it was a nice idea.)

-Mix of newspaper and white glue and water

-Black craft foam, a big one

-White craft foam

-Acrylic painting in black and golden color

-Printing for porous surfaces

-White cardboard

-A little golden chain


-Cut the bottom and the top of the bottle. Open the bottle following its length, so you can put it on and take it off from your arm.

Sin título

-Cover the bottle with two capes of paper maché (the typical mix of white glue, water and newspaper) for evading cuts of the bottle in the craft foam. I did it above all for security, for not cutting myself while testing it.

-Wrap the bottle with craft foam, covering it and molding the foam with your hands or, if you can, heating the craft foam so it adjusts better to the bottle. Advice: if you can make some hems and cover the inner part of the bottle it would be better, since it would be more comfortable and less tough in the inside.

When you’re happy with the form, glue it with white glue or some other adhesive that doesn’t melt the foam.

-If you want Suzumebacchi to have a more bright finish o with the hard aspect of the metal, paint the black base with black acrylics. (If you have time, give it a priming cape before the surface).

-Here I leave you the materials I used for each part:

Sin título

-Elaborate a pattern with fabric for making the strips of craft foam from the upper and inferior parts. Cut another one in triangular form for the center part with relief (if you want it to be glued better, since mine ended up sunk, put some hems or make a triangular prism).

-Give a printing cape to the cut strips of craft foam and paint them golden.

-The six strips bee-like were made with cardboard, since they didn’t have a lot of relief. Make a little pattern with paper until you like the form and then, trace it on the cardboard. You can paint it directly with the golden acrylic.

-Glue all the strips together (I did it with white glue and I had to be a long time pressing down until it was glued definitively). Polish the base with black acrylic in case there are remainders of glue.

2014-07-12 14.37.27

-Finally, the finger piece was done completely in cardboard and the result was excellent. The best is trying it out placing some paper around your finger for measuring it but I leave you some simple patterns so you can see how I did it.

Sin título2

Part 1:

2014-07-12 14.50.37

Part 2:

2014-07-12 14.48.43

Part 3:

2014-07-12 14.48.21

-Glue together the parts with the X-XX of each piece. Paint them and add the details. In the piece 1, make a hole where the point is and add the little chain.

-Join the three pieces. You can glue them or, if they were tight enough like in my case, tighten them a bit and they won’t move.

2014-07-12 14.39.412014-07-12 14.39.00

((There are so many hits because I made it years ago and also because a girl squashed my finger at the end of the convention… I nearly killed someone.))

2014-07-12 14.37.56

-Add the chain. In the finger I placed it with some pliers and in the arm section I pasted it with black masking tape.

2014-07-12 14.37.47

2014-07-12 14.40.39


My beautiful picture

Pros: It ended with a nice and metallic finish.

Cons: I didn’t like at all how it looked the middle triangular part because it sunk and it didn’t have enough volume. A pain.

More photos, in my gallery of Soi Fong.

Thanks for reading!



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