Measurements/ Medidas


Doubts about concepts

A lot of people have written about how to take measurements, so I’m not going to repeat myself. I am going to leave you a web with all the type of measurements that you need =D

This one is in Spanish but the pics are useful: Edaformación

This one is in English: here

Anyway, I leave you here an extract:

How to take measurements?

1. Shoulder width                                        2. Bust width
3. Bust perimeter                                        4. Waist perimeter
5. Hip perimeter                                          6. Wrist perimeter
7. Interior arm length                               8. Knees length
9. Back width                                                10. Shoulder length
11. Back length                                             12. Height of hips
13. Length waist-ground                          14. Exterior arm length
15. Height Seventh vertebra-ground  16. Height vertex-ground
17. Arm width

Additional measurements:

-Crotch depth: Measure with the person sitting, from the waist to the chair. If you want to see it in an image, I will share this link with you, so that you can consult it.

This section will be updated from time to time. So thanks for your patience!


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